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Bullet Customs Brokerage is your reliable partner for customs clearance and freight requirements. Our strong client base has been a testament to our industry leadership.

Bullet Customs Brokerage is a licensed customs brokerage firm in the Philippines providing logistics solutions including import/export clearance, trucking, project cargo, permits and licenses, and supply chain consulting.

We're providing clients with peace of mind

We take the complexities in import/export and freight out from our clients so they can focus on what they do best - growing their business. Our team of licensed customs brokers is here to ensure you get the cargo on time at a lesser cost with maximum efficiency.

How do we operate?

Team of trade experts

Our staff are well-versed in Philippine trade laws, tariff regulations, and supply chain optimization. We leverage a good mix of our expertise to provide clients with top notch service.

Client-centric culture

Customer is the heart of our operation. We are delighted to give you the first-class experience from customs clearance to freight to communication, all to keep you satisfied.

Driven with purpose

There is more than just a profit. We are committed to exceeding clients' expectations, creating value for stakeholders, and ensuring compliance.

Our advantage

Competitive pricing

Take advantage of the competitive pricing we offer for our services. Partnering with us shouldn't be costly.


Our service is tailored to your needs to help you grow. No one-size-fits-all solution.

Industry expertise

We are a team of experts who can help you get the maximum efficiency of your customs and logistics needs.

Reliable, exceptional service

Whether you are a large multinational firm or a small business, we are here to exceed client expectations.

We can help

your customs and logistics needs

We're ready to help your business achieve more. Request a quote today and a Bullet representative will reach out shortly.

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Our clients turn to us for a wide range of logistics solutions for their business

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Bullet Customs Brokerage is among the leading customs brokerage firms in Davao and the Philippines. Enjoy peace of mind with our extensive expertise in trade compliance, logistics, and supply chain.